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We try to source the purist oils from independent suppliers

Precious Oils, Minerals and Crystals

We choose only the best natural materials for their energetic purity and potency. We gather aromatic plants and vegetable oils, powdered crystals, woods, minerals and resins to curate a sublime palette of cosmic and organic ingredients.

The life force within each element of a blend is a complex combination of components. They are selected and arranged with vibrational precision using numerlogical equations to ensure a dynamic fusion. Volatile oils are effected by geopgraphy, composition, climatic conditions and even the time of day it's picked, which gives each element a unique vibrational signature.  

Amber crystals

A Passion For Purity

When it comes to provenance, we actively seek small suppliers when we can, to hook into the positive energy, passion and purity that imbues their produce. We also source across the planet for unconventional elements that are other worldly and imperceptible yet totally relevant.

THERAPIE is an artisan product range that is lovingly handmade. We produce in small batches to ensure the freshness and vitality of every ingredient used in each blend. We combine this with spiritual and loving attention to every detail of the process.

Aromatherapy essential oils

Spiritually Blessed

Each of THERAPIE's product range is energised with reiki, they are then blessed and stored to intensify. The spiritual connection in each blend adds another dimension and strengthens their potency.

Each blend must sit for some time in a pure space to give it time to infuse. This time allows the precious components to meld and increase the potency of the synergy created from the sum of their parts.