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My Inner Light

Seasonal changeovers are always exciting and challenging at the same time. This year it's a little more unsettled to be sure. The melange of challenging world events tethered with mystical planetary influences and unsettling weather patterns, it’s all very unpredictable. For me, a Leo with Libra rising I need to strike a steady rhythm...  my daily rituals are a balancing comfort blanket.

I like seasons to be true, don't you?  I'm excited from the get go whether it's the enthusiastic first signs of spring as green shoots push through. Or the vibrant vitality of summer sun that ripens the heart with the promise of an abundant harvest. The inevitable musty surrender of autumn to the dormant stillness of winter, it’s utterly magical.

The reality is that nothing can be taken for granted so it's imperative that your core remains solid and aligned to your essence. We’re all being asked to become more flexible but you can only do this from a firm base. Learning to let go of limiting beliefs whilst remaining open and expansive, trusting yourself as each moment arises. At times like these finding a harmonious balance can be elusive and easy to get caught up in struggle and fear. Instead listen with your heart and soul to your inner voice. Yes, spirit is prompting you to settle into some committed ME Time and reconnect with your Inner Light.

Take time to reflect on how these variables impact on your flow? How could you navigate the reverberations of these intense global and cosmic shifts. TRUTH is the word that calls out - Your inner light unfiltered, authentic and unrestrained, connecting unconditionally to your unique signature in all its colours and truths.

So ask yourself what’s missing? Has life simply become demanding with no counter balance and as a result is diminished? Have your dreams been set to one side? Laughter missing? Carefree exuberance hard to find? Does over extension dominate your inner light? Is anger and frustration arising without reason?  Are you feeling overwhelmed and hopeless?

You’re certainly not alone and this is the moment to take action! Not with grand gestures, but in small meaningful ways. Making time throughout your day to reset your inner compass, not hours, but dedicated minutes of consciousness. Quiet reflective moments to breathe, spritz or anoint, these precious moments can instantly shift you from stress to stillness. Declutter and listen… release your mental congestion by writing out preoccupations and worries. Reboot with a nourishing food eaten without distraction and with appreciation, a calming bath or a Qi walk in the park. These rituals create a gentle cadence and harmony.