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Slough away the old, bring in the new

Winter to spring transition offers a time of decluttering, release and prioritising. Whether you do a life review of… friends, habits or possessions, commit to releasing any unchecked drains on your life. The same can be done physically with simple daily practices. Over the next few blogs I will review some that I love.

Dry body brushing is one of these simple daily practice that can become a practice for life, which clears lymphatic waste, increases micro circulation, reduces inflammation, nourishes and speeds up skin rejuvenation leaving your skin glowing and silky smooth. Dry skin brushing also creates a symbolic practice that can be done with mindfulness… as you brush focus on releasing old worries and stored anger with each stroke, these are the negativity that drains energy and throws us out of balance. Take a warm shower to wash away any residue followed by a cold blast to awaken every fibre!



A second stage to this beautiful practice is centred around LOVE and nurture. So often we treat our body with a cursory caress: the skin is one of the largest organs of the body, a protecting veil that requires nurture. It can loose tone and vitality in the same way that we can emotionally. The ritual of massage requires touch as a sensory input, a way to communicate and nurture your physical being, not just your head. Take time to feed your skin, slaver your body in something that’s luxurious, fortifying and nourishing. Invest in a rich body serum like Therapie Cherish skin repair, with over 25 botanicals actively working to replenish and rejuvenate skin and body vitality.

With so much uncertainty around the uplifting essential oils it contains like Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Tangerine work to lift your emotions out of the doldrums. Sometimes when time is short, tune in to the part of your body that needs some TLC, again apply with the gentleness and intimacy you might extend to a partner. Love the skin you’re in, acknowledge and count each blessing and kindness.