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Transitions and cycles Happy Autumn equinox


The autumn equinox is a symbolic point in the year for me. For some reason I’ve always loved the Spring and Autumn, equinox is a Latin word meaning equal night; many earth cultures acknowledge these powerful transition points of the year and the energy shifts they prompt. 

Outside the rain pounds and the world seems shrouded in a veil of grey as if mysteriosly transforming. Sitting in the warmth of my home I reflect on my year thus far, a bitter sweet mix of great spiritual leaps tempered by a relentless inpouring of expectation, often exciting but sometimes daunting. I know this creates a touch of melancholy for some as the intense warmth of the sun recedes and the vibrant freedom of summer ends. I am a child of the summer and though I love its lightness and vitality I've alway loved the energy shift each season offers, interestingly Spring and Autumn have always enchanted me more.


for me the equinox is a time to tell your story, your journey so step out of normality and imagine the new, the dreams of the winter, the seeds of the spring, summer ripening and now to see the fruit of your labours as they are released and fall to the ground to be gathered and savoured fully. Autumn is a time to acknowledge abundance as a natural state of being, recognising the cycle of life and shifting your consciousness from lack to abundance. Review your harvest whether through your allotment, family, friends, rewards from work or spiritual growth. Why not put pen to paper and write your story, like a farytale map the quest, trubulations,transcendance, rewards and gratitude.


I like to make time for a equinox ritual:




Light a candle and place a drop of Frankincense and Myrrh oil in an oil diffuser, anoint your third eye, heart, hands and feet with a diluted blend of the two .5 ml of each in 10 ml of almond oil. Frankincense to protect and Myrrh to release buried secrets. 


Now speak your gratitude for all you have and have experienced. Just like for your garden Autumn is a time to make room, to cut away dead wood and make the soil fertile in the same way for you to set up your inner space and the dreams to come.... to prepare your soil for our deepest visions rather than taking action.  


From this place quietly listen to what’s trying to emerge.... making this time creates a healthy and conscious transition into winter, clearing and creating a fertile soil for our creativity to be nourished before we go into the stillness of the great cave of winter like the bear to dream our next great vision.


Sit and Watch the Seasons Change

"Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn."

Elizabeth Lawrence