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Carrying on with my spring cleansing theme and the Liver is the organ of spring time and linked to the wood element (think tree rooted but flexible), balanced wood exudes growth positivity, kindness and resilience, unbalanced wood manifests as anger,stress,impatience and resentment. Eating grated carrots,green apple,beetroot and a squeeze of lemon juice, a green juice fast or a liver flush are both marvellous ways of stimulating detoxification and more energy. Take some Flax seed oil or capsules to reduce inflammation and help with internal detoxification also adding the seeds to cereal helps. Did you know exercise, positive work (not stressed) and reading all helps to balance Liver Qi, you could start with something simple like Qi walking (simply walk with arms swinging freely and hands open but curved, this increases blood flow to the heart too!)  walk in the park for 20 mins each day you’ll certainly feel your arms buzzing and full in a very short while, end by sitting in the sun for 10 minutes (if shining) with eyes shut. Sunlight converts cholesterol into vitamin D which is absorbed through the Liver and Kidneys and transported throughout the body to create healthy skin cells. Release Qi stagnation and step fully into spring.

Michelle Roques-O’Neil