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The Heal Me Kit

Jo Fairly | The Beauty Bible 06.02.2015

Beauty Bible Review Heal Me Kit

Michelle Roques O’Neil is one of the most gifted therapists we’ve ever had a treatment from. And if you’re not lucky enough to be able to enjoy the power of her magic, healing hands (honestly, they are), we think you’ll want to know about this kit, which kind of captures that in a take-me-home format.

The kit is ideal for this time of year, when we’re surrounded by a miasma of cold and ‘flu viruses – and they’re knocking those around us sideways. It’s designed to boost your immune system, but also to help fast-track you back to health if you do get the lurgy.

Here’s what you get.

Protect Bath & Body Oil (30 ml) – a really ‘tube-opening’ blend of frankincense, lavender, thyme, cajeput, eucalyptus, black pepper, tangerine and more: essential oils that support the immune system, are antiseptic and help clear congestion. It’s also wonderfully soothing for muscles and joints.

Comfort Warming Rub (15 ml) – move over Vicks: this is a wonderful, all-natural alternative for aching muscles and chesty coughs, packed with turmeric, turpentine, tangerine, camphor, peppermint, manuka and more. Simply rub onto chest and breathe the vapours (we actually LOVE it).

Strength tea (30 g) – put the kettle on and brew yourself a cup of this immune-boosting tea, enhancing your body’s ability to fight viruses and infections with a blend of lemon time, elderflower, liquorice, ginkgo, orange peel, peppermint and more. Delish.

Pure Candle – to cleanse and purify the air, with a lovely fragrance infused with lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, frankincense, lavender and elemi. (The 21st Century update on the Wright’s Coal Tar Burner, for us – God knows what THAT did!)

So whether you’re recovering from a bug that’s laid you low – or you know that crossing your fingers won’t be enough to keep winter infections at bay – there couldn’t be a nicer way to give yourself some TLC, in our opinion.

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