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The Six Best Natural Face Mists

Amy Chang | Bond En Avant 12.01.2017

Amy Chang Bond En Avant

An article that features THERAPIE Restore Aura Spray as one of the top 6 face mists.

Mist when… you’re feeling fatigued, stressed

Skin type: All skin types
Key ingredients: Frankincense, Cucumber Extract, Licorice Extract
Why we love it: This award winning mist is a combination of essential oils, crystals and Reiki. Meaning it’s charged with some serious positive vibes to rebuild your energy field throughout the day. Frankincense will comfort and calm, while cooling Cucumber and Licorice Extract hydrate and soften skin.
Tip: Use this mist to help you keep those New Year’s resolutions. Instead of reaching for your afternoon sugar craving to fight off fatigue, face mist instead.

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