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Travel Beauty Products Actually Worth Buying

Lorna Patrick | Studs and Dreams 01.11.2016

THERAPIE travel size products featured in Studs and Dreams

Laura Patrick reviews our THERAPIE travel essentials.

When it comes to going away and body products I love love love taking something that is a little more luxurious that I would usually use, or something I truly know and love (knowing that it will be perfect for my daily pamper). This summer, my go-to has been the THERAPIE Travel Kit*. Including a body wash, Himalyan Detox Salts, a bath infusion and a skin serum, this set is well worth spending the cash on. If you're looking for another little extra then I'd really recommend picking up the THERAPIE Restore Aura Spray Mini*. A spritz of this is perfect for when you're feeling a little run down or if you just want an added extra in your relaxing pamper routine - or when you've just stepped off the plane (with a bit of jet lag).

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