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Michelle Roques-O’Neil

Michelle Roques-O’Neil

With over 30 years experience in spiritual health and wellness. Michelle’s love of things spiritual and aromatic began in India,the daughter of musicians she travelled far and wide across India and Pakistan. Home was an eccentric blend of Jazz, eastern and western spirituality and fragrance,these sensory influences activated an intrigue for the arts and things metaphysical and fragrant. Her move to England was not planned but the sudden loss of her father precipitated the move, it has been her home for over 40 years.

With an early passion passion for art and music she strives for originality and brings flair and creativity to all her projects. After training in beauty, she discovered an undiscovered the gift of touch and the science of the body - this was the beginning of a lifetime fascination. Early dabbling with oils and herbal concoctions fuelled a passion which led her to aromatherapy and training with Aromatherapy Grande Dame Micheline Arcier.

After 4 years' apprenticeship, Michelle struck out on her own with a thirst to expand and understand the energetics of the body mind and how essential oils influenced it. She has practiced at the prestigious Hale clinic in the 80’s and Harley Street in the mid 90’s and then Violet Hill studios.

In ’97 she was invited to design the signature treatment and spa concept for SpaNk working closely with Nicky Kinnaird. It was at this time that she was voted one of the Top 10 Aromatherapists in the world by Kathy Philips at Vogue.

She is now an established wellbeing industry expert and also a natural perfumer. Known for a unique innovative blending style, it has made her magical touch and design consultancy much in demand and led to collaborations with Cowley Manor, Abahana, Green&Spring, DeMamiel, Mauli, 58 Lifestyle and most recently Park Chinoise fragrance.