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Spiritual Alchemy

In a world that’s hectic and crowded, finding space and time to 'be' can be elusive. Over consumption, digital overload and overextension has become common place making it harder to connect with your inner flow and establish that feeling of connectivity, where everything is in perfect balance. This synchronicity is almost other worldly, where the pressure of your day dissolves and your mind and body flow with ease in the slipstream.

THERAPIE Roques ONeil is a therapeutic range where each element supports the many issues that arise from stress. Each product can be used individually or in combinations as part of a ritual that helps restore the natural energy flow that makes us feel healthy and well-balanced.

THERAPIE – Beyond Aromatherapy

We are of the stars, the same magnetic polarities that guide the moon and tides influence our bodies bio-electrical currents. When we see ourselves as energetic, we realise that we are more than just the physical edges of our body. We are made of many frequencies that are reactive to environment and life, they impact both on our internal and external balance and affects our energetic sensitivity and inner equilibrium.

THERAPIE beyond aromatherapy range takes inspiration from ancient understanding of subtle energy systems and their impact on energy balance. Our range is designed to recalibrate bio-energetic balance with vital tools. Every element providing a natural and intuitive capability that helps you navigate every aspect of stress.

Stress Less, Live More

When we feel stressed our flow gets blocked, our shoulders and necks become tense, our minds congested and we become uninspired and anxious. Our spirit no longer soars, instead our inner and outer spirit is diminished. When the external overwhelms us, we revert to old familiar behaviour patterns, operating on old software, where in reality we need an upgrade and full reboot.

THERAPIE's mission is to help you nourish both body and soul, guiding your spirit back to create a greater sense of equilibrium and joy. To enable this, we encourage you to indulge in some daily self devotion, so you can feel supported and nourished and able to create a moment of calm in which to review.


Digital Detox

The digital world provides us with optimum connectivity, which has led to us becoming over-reliant and even addicted to digital communication. Social media, emails, texts, there is barely a moment when we are not connected. A life saver or life slaver in which we are bound by the expectations of instant access and availability. Has mindfulness been replaced by mindlessness, a hamster wheel existence where working hours spill increasingly into ME TIME? If long term exposure to this cycle continues unchecked it can result in perceptible physical and emotional sensitivities.

THERAPIE actively creates conscious moments of respite with products and ingredients that work actively to release digital oversaturation and overextension. These mindful life rituals create a moment to rebalance and restore natural bio-electromagnetic flow.