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THERAPIE's daily wellness range helps you stay In-tune all day long. Use this kit to restore internal balance. Often when we are out of tune our sense of inner balance is the first thing to disappear. This kit helps you to restore your equilibrium.



Restore blissful balance to your body and mind with this calming kit from Therapie, which unites Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence, Restore Aura Spray and a Pure Candle, all of which cocoon the senses in the scents of serenity. World renowned aromatherapist Michelle Roques O'Neil developed Therapie to act as a self-healing programme – to restore energy levels, alleviate stress and help rediscover emotional well-being. Just breathe in and unwind...


Restore Aura Spray 30ml, Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence 30ml and Pure Candle 10cl

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When your schedule is fluid it's often difficult to find your centre. THERAPIE BALANCE ME LIFE KIT is a FIVE DAY RITUAL  created to redicover your inner balance. This grounding day and night ritual will keep you gracefully in the flow.

Start each day with a refreshing shower. Cleanse yourself and then apply a veil of EQUILIBRIUM BATH AND SHOWER ESSENCE. This magical formula is filled with calming and balancing essential oils that offer perfect preparation and fortification for a potentially stressful day.

Use the RESTORE AURA SPRAY throughout your day to help centre yourself. When you spritz, breathe in, hold the breath and sigh it out with a long aaah. Repeat this 3 times.

In the evening, run a bath of EQUILIBRIUM BATH AND SHOWER ESSENCE and slough off the stresses of the day. Soak for 10-15 min while doing some deep breathing.

Create the perfect ambience by burning the PURE CANDLE. Burn the candle for 30mins at a time. it need 10-15 mins to warm and release the aroma.


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