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Stress and worry are all too familiar factors of modern life and quickly erodes your inner reserves. Our busy schedules and lack of sleep also lowers vitality, which contributes to energetic depletion, effecting mood, perspective and spiritual wellness! 


In this hair and body wash we've harnessed a vibrant combination of vital plant and mineral ingredients featuring essential oils that work to energise on all levels. Essential oils work their magic by opening your lungs to boost oxygen supply to your blood and brain, this enlivens the body and shifts your mental perspective. 


By breathing deeper you not only infuse your circulation with nutrient rich oxygen but also increase chi flow which energises on an intrinsic level whilst collectively refreshing your mind with a natural tingle of optimism. Each essential oils in this blend has been selected physically and energetically to clear stagnant energy, raise your vibrational signature and boost your vitality.

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