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THERAPIE Travellers Support


This kit is the perfect travel companion whether it’s for the seasoned traveller, a family holiday, a romantic break or some much needed down time, this kit offers support whilst travelling as well as post flight recovery helping you to keep body and soul together.



Boost hair & Body wash 100 ml the perfect potion to boost circulation and energy when jet-lagged simply rub on to activate the fragrant molecules & breathe.

Calm Balm 15 ml perfume for the soul offering instant rescue from stress, anoint liberally to pulse points.

Restore Aura spray 30 ml more support to calm frayed nerves when your on the run,just spritz this aromatic elixir and breathe deeply.

Comfort warming rub15ml a healing rub that guards against airborne bugs easing tension, pain and congestion, just rub on sinuses, temples, neck, shoulder,chest or joints.

Himalayan Detox salts 100 gm cult post flight recovery, offers a deep restorative sleep, enough for 2-3 baths.

Cherish skin repair serum 30 ml a feel good luxurious serum that’s brimming with uplifting, rejuvenating and skin protecting botanicals your skin will stay super soft and glowing.

Energy Lift 5ml for those moments when you loose clarity & optimism a super boost when you need to focus, a drop on the hand,rub to activate and breathe in

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