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Rituals For A Digital World

Our digital world can be intense and addictive. Our dependancy on devices like mobile, iPads, computers and television makes it easy to tune out with hours spent in front of them. Once time saving devices, they’ve become integrated into the fabric of our lives. Too much exposure to these frequencies can subtly sap your own energy balance. This combination of products offers support to the digitally saturated. Take positive action and put together rituals that help keep your energy on track and your soul intact.

THERAPIE Roques ONeil actively creates conscious moments of respite with products and ingredients that work actively to release digital over saturation and over extension. These mindful life rituals create a moment to rebalance and restore natural bio-electromagnetic flow.


THERAPIE ritual for inspire

A Ritual To Uplift and Inspire

Modern life can be a juggle and can take a toll on your inner wellness. Often the promised time of renewal gets lost to the demands of the day. Constant striving can suddenly find you feeling flat and low, lacking inspiration. So for those times when life throws a curve ball and you need a lift, we’ve put together some inspiration to lift you out of the doldrums.  

THERAPIE Roques ONeil's beyond aromatherapy range takes inspiration from ancient understanding of subtle energy systems and their impact on energy balance. Our range has been designed to recalibrate bio-energetic balance with vital tools that are easily navigated with every element providing a natural and intuitive capability that helps you tackle every aspect of stress.

THERAPIE ritual to revive

A Ritual To Revive and Restore

Stress can impact on our sense of vitality. When your energy levels are a little depleted whether through overwork or extended anxiousness it can effect your in many ways, through your immunity, sleep and appetite. It’s really essential to find ways of restoring emotional balance and internal strength.

Therapie Roques ONeil's mission is to help you nourish body and soul by guiding your spirit back to a greater sense of equilibrium and joy. As part of this we encourage you to indulge in some daily self devotion so that you feel supported and nourished creating a moment of calm in which to review.


THERAPIE ritual for travel

A Ritual for Travel and Free Spirit

Travel can be exciting, exhilarating and expansive. It can also be stressful, keeping body and soul together whilst you get from a to b can be tiring. Travel for work can be stressful co-ordinating the logistics of recovery and meetings, or just for holidays with a young family in tow the getting there can be demanding, it is easy to become jaded. 

Therapie Roques ONeil's beyond aromatherapy products have been put together to offer ways of how you can make the most out of travel to keep you mellow and create a home from home. 


THERAPIE ritual for relaxation

A Ritual to Relax and Unwind

Finding peace in a busy day is sometimes hard, making time is essential and taking mini moment of respite can slowly dissolve away built up stress levels, keeping you fresh and serene. Make relaxation part of your daily investment in yourself. Quiet time is as essential to wellbeing as activity.

THERAPIE Roques ONeil is a therapeutic range where each element supports the many issues that arise from stress. They can be used individually or part of a self-healing regime that helps restore the natural energy flow that makes us feel healthy and well-balanced.